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A review of the VaporFi Express Starter Kit

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The VaporFi Express Starter Kit is a great kit for people starting on e-cigarettes. It makes it easier than ever to stop smoking and start vaping.


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VaporFi Express Starter Kit Review & Specs

The VaporFi Express Starter Kit does not disappoint. The design of their electronic cigarette is elegant and sleek, giving the product a sophisticated look. Because this product uses pre-filled cartridges, I don’t need to  purchase e-liquid or deal with the hassle of refilling it. It’s especially convenient for when I’m out for an extended period of time and will need more than one cartridge. Heavy smokers will also find this useful, and it makes the change from smoking to e-cigarettes much less intimidating.

VaporFi Express Starting Kit

Battery Features

The lithium battery in the e-cigarette lasts longer than some others I have used, and this kit comes with a spare battery. It’s great being able to keep one charged and ready to go whenever I need it. he battery also seems quite powerful; the company boasts that they are set to 4.5 volts. This higher setting allows for the maximum production of vapor. Equally important, the kit comes will a wall charger and a USB charger/adapter, making it easy to charge up on the go.

Ease of Use

First-time users of e-cigarettes will find the Express Starter Kit very easy to use. There is no need to spend time reading a user manual to learn how to use the product; I was able to figure it out immediately. Howver, there is one included and it can cover any problems or questions that may come up. The beauty is in it’s simple two-piece design. There is the cartridge and the battery, and that’s the whole e-cigarette.

Cartomizer Compatibility 

Because I am comfortable using e-liquids and at times prefer them, I was surprised and pleased to learn that I could purchase a cartomizer for this electronic cigarette. It goes in place of the cartridge, and lets the vaper choose the amount of e-liquid and gives several more flavor options. With VaporFi’s wide selection of e-liquids, I was able to select a wide variety of flavors. There were some that I had not seen before, and I was excited to be able to create my own custom blend. The pumpkin Spice Latte and Candy Sugar Stix flavors were especially unique and delicious.


The VaporFi Express Starter Kit is a great kit for people starting on e-cigarettes. It makes it easier than ever to stop smoking and start vaping.


  • Brandon Rich says:
    4 stars

    The VaporFi Express Starter Kit is perfect for the novice or the experienced and I personally enjoy the less headache that the cartridge system has over the refillable tank variety. The slim form factor, that resembles a traditional smoke, means I don’t attract as much attention as my larger tank system does and I can still hang in the smoking section and spend time with friends. The VaporFi Starter Express Kit is well worth the money and makes vaping a better overall experience.

    • Patrick James says:
      5 stars

      Getting the right e-smoke can be a daunting challenge, thanks to the numerous products on the market. Not surprising that there are many devices that do not measure up to every day use. However, one product line does and is perfectly suited to the beginner or novice vap’er. That product line is the VaporFi Express Starter Kit. Excellent for the novice and great for the experienced vap’er who wants or needs a back up or wants something a little smaller than a full size rig.

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