VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit Review


High End Quality with the VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit


For a high-end vaporizer that delivers exactly what you need, the VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit is an excellent option.


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VaporFi Rocket Starter KitVaporFi Rocket Starter Kit

There are all sorts of different vaporizer and e-cig starter kits out there. Some are only going to cost a few dollars while others cost well over $100. While paying more money does not necessarily guarantee a quality purchase, the equipment does often come with a higher quality build. I found
this to be true with the VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit. This starter kit really came with everything that I wanted, and the design of the VaporFi Rocket vaporizer is actually rather beautiful and state of the art. It is not constructed of cheap plastic, but instead a nice stainless steel. This way, it doesn’t become dented when sitting in my pocket. I’ve had plenty of friends who have suffered dents in their own e-cigs, simply because they left it in their pockets while sitting down.

Contents of the Kit

Inside the VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit, everything I needed to start enjoying an electronic cigarette came in the package. It consisted of a single 1600 mAh Rocket Variable battery, a Rocket Tank with Airflow Control, a single USB cable, a wall charger adapter, five atomizers and a user manual for help, which I did find useful when first starting off with the equipment.

VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit

Color Options

When buying the starter kit, I did like that I could change the color of the vaporizer between black and stainless steel. Both colors I believe go beautifully with the high-end material. It doesn’t give off that cheap plastic that you find in more colorful editions of vaporizers. While I understand not everyone is going to want to pay the extra money for the higher grade of material, I completely recommend it, as it is not going to damage and it looks great while I am using it as well.

VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit

USB Charger

A beneficial feature of the starter kit is also that the equipment chargers through the use of a USB cable. While I do not always have the actual wall charger on hand, I almost always have a USB cable with with me, or at least around me. So, I basically have a charger wherever I go, I just need to connect my device to a computer, cell phone charger or really anywhere else I might need some additional power.

Watch this video to get started with the VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit

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