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Invest in a High Quality VaporFi Rebel Starter Kit

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The high quality VaporFi Rebel Starter Kit is the perfect investment for anyone looking to obtain an exceptional e-cig starter kit for not a lot of money.


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A review of the VaporFi Rebel Starter Kit

VaporFi Rebel Starter KitOne of the best ways to start out with electronic cigarettes is by purchasing a starter kit. When I switched to the electronic variation after smoking traditional cigarettes for years, I decided to go this route as I didn’t want to purchase a handful of different products, just to make sure my e-cig worked (and that I had all of the necessary equipment that worked with the vaporizer I purchased). The VaporFi Rebel Starter Kit proved to be a quality product that does not cost as much as many of the high end vaporizers, yet is still constructed with exceptional material. Due to this, I really find it is worth the money and has been my go-to vaporizer for some time now.

VaporFi Rebel Starter Kit

              Contents of the Kit

Inside the VaporFi Rebel Starter Kit, the package comes with two wax atomizers, a single Lithium Ion battery, one USB cable, a cleaning tool and a jar. Basically, it came with everything I needed to start smoking, outside of coming with a flavor of vapor. Some vaporizer starter kits come with a selection of flavors, but the problem with this is there usually is not a large variation of flavor options in these packs, which means you are basically forced into picking out from a small selection. By giving me the starter kit but not charging me for flavors, it gave me the ability to purchase the exact flavors and intensity that I desired.

Other Features

Inside of the kit, the atomizers are really high end. The beautiful polish and gold finish allows for the best electric current flow, so whenever I try to take a hit it is always there, which can actually be a problem with some other inferior brands that only use a plastic product. I also like this actually comes with a cleaning tool. I haven’t seen too many other starter kits that come with a cleaning tool, which is extremely important. The cleaning tool allows me to easily remove any sort of resin that is leftover inside of the Rebel Vaporizer. Plus, the quality USB cable is not just a single cable, but it has a retractable element that keeps the cable nicely coiled up.

Watch this video to get started with The Rebel Starter Kit

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