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Save Big on the South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit

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If you want a nice, entry level e-cig kit that does not cost a lot of money, the South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit is the way to go.


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A review of the South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit

Smoking can become an expensive habit, so I really wanted to try and save money when converting to electronic cigarettes. However, when I first started to look at all of these different options I quickly discovered that there are some truly expensive pieces of equipment out there. I know myself and I tend to lose things, so I don’t want to spend over $100 on a device that slips easily out of my pocket. I’d much rather just spend a small amount and still be able to enjoy my nicotine fix for the time. With the South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit, I found exactly what I needed, without paying much money.

South Beach Smoke Reusable Express KitInside the Kit

The South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit has a price tag of under $30. There are some entry kits that cost nearly 10 times that amount, which is just too rich for my blood. Thankfully though, this kit is really cheap for what I receive. In the package, it comes with a standard lithium ion battery, a USB charger and two nicotine cartridges that provide a total of 1.5 packs of cigarettes each. This means for under $30 I’m receiving three packs of cigs worth of smokes. I’d normally spend around $20 for the three packs of regular cigarettes, so basically paying less than 10 for the vaporizer, battery and USB charger is an incredible deal.

Battery and Charging

The lithium ion battery allows for up to 400 puffs, so it rarely runs out, and with the charging options, I basically am guaranteed to not run out of power. While it is easy enough to purchase a secondary battery, it is so easy to charge the device that I don’t need a second battery at all. The USB charger connects to any sort of USB port. So, if I have a cell phone charger on hand, I can use the charger for this purpose. I can even use most tablet chargers as well. Beyond this, there is the ability to plug it into my laptop or into a car charger while on the way to and from work. This way, I always have an available power source around.


  • Andy Whitmore says:
    5 stars

    When I first made the switch to electronic cigarettes from the traditional tobacco based cigs, I really did not know what to do, not to mention my jaw dropped a bit seeing the price tag on some of the other starter kits. I really did not want to drop very much money on a product I had never used before, plus I really did not need any sort of special product or something constructed from high-end material. After all, I just want to smoke and it doesn’t matter of it is from something constructed out of plastic or stainless steel. That is exactly why I decided to go with the South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit. This express kit is designed from plastic (at least the majority of it), yet it still holds up to my everyday wear and tear.

  • Danielle Jenson says:
    4 stars

    For less than $30, I found the quality of the product and the kind of material that came with it really surprising. Not only did the product come with the single SuperMax Electronic Cigarette Lithium Ion battery, but it also featured a USB charger, two nicotine cartridges, with each cartridge worth up around 1.5 packs of cigarettes, plus an owners manual.

  • Chris Redding says:
    5 stars

    When you want an e-cig starter kit that does not cost much but still delivers, the South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit is the way to go.

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