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The Tank With Everything-South Beach Smoke Storm Tank

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The South Beach Smoke Storm Tank is a solid tank at a bargain price. With plenty of color options to suit your style.


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South Beach Smoke Storm Tank Review & Specs

The E-cigarette market is growing at a fast pace. Within that growth, you will find me trying new products and e-juices constantly. I am an avid user of e-cigarettes and have tried numerous products and brands. I want to give a little overview and review of my latest experiment, South Beach Smoke Storm Tank.

First off, I have tried many of the South Beach Smoke products and have enjoyed all of them. I have become an avid smoker and grew tired of buying e-liquids. I would refill daily, so I decided to try the new e-cigarette tanks. This quickly became my preferred product. Since South Beach has long been one of my favorite brands, I tried the Storm Tank series. The first time I tried the tank, I was really impressed. I will go over the specs and the positives I have found.
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I already had a starter kit from South Beach Smoke, so only needed the tank and e-juice. Here are the basics of the tank itself.

  • The tank capacity is 1.6ML.
  • Atomizer is 2.2 OHM.
  • Has a bottom coil tank.
  • The material is polycarbonate.
  • Price is $14.99.

Now I will go over the specifics of why I enjoy this particular tank. There are four main reasons the storm tank is at the top of my list.

More Options

This particular tank is unique in that it comes with two different atomizers, one is a clearomizer. I like the idea of having two distinctive options to fit your e-cigarette. The tank lets out just the right amount of vapor and flavor.


I am one of those people who like flare, whether it’s my cellphone or e-cigarette, I like to stand out. The main way I do this is by having colorful cases, so I was very excited to find that the storm tank comes in eight different colors. I personally, like the bright yellow and pink.


The price is very reasonable and provides high quality. I can easily fit $14.99 into my budget. This tank work just as well as the higher-end options.


Just about all of my e-cigarette tools are from this company, and this tank is compatible with all South Beach Smoke vaporizing batteries.


In the end, you can’t go wrong with the South Beach Smoke Storm Tank. It meets all your needs.



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