VaporFi Blueberry Blast E-Liquid


VaporFi Blueberry Blast E-Liquid Review

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Looking for a fun, fruity flavor for your E-Cig? This review outlines the benefits of Vaporfi's Blueberry Blast flavor.


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VaporFi Blueberry Blast E-Liquid Flavor Review and Rating

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was pick blueberries outside in our backyard during the summer months.  I was excited to see that Blueberry Blast was one of the fruit flavors offered for my E-Cig through Vaporfi.  I was not interested in tasting something artificial, especially since the fruit itself is one of my favorites.  But this flavor exceeded my expectations.

VaporFi Blueberry Blast

Delicious Flavor

I first noticed that the blueberry blast flavor was sweet but light with no strange aftertaste. At first, I was expecting to be able to really feel an impact of the fruity flavor, but it seemed to be much more subtle to me. Here are some other positive qualities that stood out for me:

  • Perfect taste which actually reminded me of my mom’s pie filling.
  • Subtle sweetness as opposed to something bolder.
  • Complete lack of aftertaste.

In the past, I have been more of a fan of the traditional flavors, but this one really opened up my palette.

Affordable Price

I was also pleasantly surprised by the price of the e-liquids and felt as though I got a decent deal for my money.  Because I am trying to get on a budget, this seemed like a great alternative to other brands.  The experience rivals going to the grocery store and buying expensive blueberries as well.

Child Proofing

I have a two year old daughter and it is important to me that she is not getting into my small liquid containers.  I would prefer to go pick blueberries with her like I did with my own mom.  The packaging was fortunately very child-proof and safe.  I felt confident that she would not be able to tamper with it easily.  That being said, I still make sure that I keep all my flavors away from her, just to be sure.

Two Thumbs Up

Overall, I would recommend this fruit based flavor, especially in combination with other e-liquids. One of the small disadvantages that I noticed is that the e-liquid seemed to be replaced more often than I would have desired, but this did not bother me as much.  In fact, I’m looking forward to purchasing some of the other fruit flavors to complement the blueberry.


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